When you have a leak in your home water system, it can be worrisome and frustrating. For many homeowners, dealing with a leaking water line can be confusing as well. Who bears the responsibility for the repair? Is it on you, the homeowner, the water department, or the municipality where you live?

In some cases, the water department bears the responsibility for repairing the line, as well as restoring any damage, as long as the damaged pipe falls on the “street side” of the water meter. In the case of municipal, or county, sewer lines, the responsibility is that of the town, or county government, as long as the problem is on easement or government property.

If the water line is leaking on your property, and on the homeowner’s side of the water meter, the burden of repair is up to you, the homeowner. Replacing the water line is your responsibility, and water line replacement is not a DIY job. Determining the location of the leak, the depth of the line, and ensuring as little disruption to your landscaping and walkways as possible should be your main focus. Only a professional plumbing contractor and water line replacement expert should perform water line replacement and repair.