Safety & Protection Options

Carbon Monoxide Monitors, Smoke Detectors & Surge Protection

It’s always smart to have a backup plan for unexpected power outages. At HB Home Service Team, we care about your family’s safety.

We offer whole-house surge protectors to ensure that your home can run power in case of an emergency. It’s also important to keep your home detectors up to date. A carbon monoxide detector is a must in a home that uses gas. These detectors are designed to alert you before levels of carbon dioxide become dangerous. Smoke detectors are equally as important.

Smoke Detector

That is why we offer smoke detector battery backup, so you never have to worry about a smoke detector that isn’t working.

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Clean Water

Well Pump Services

A well pump moves water from an underground source to your home. If the pump stops working, you could end up with low water pressure or no water at all. If you need a well pump service, contact us today! When you need clear, clean water and steady pressure, you can rely on our experienced team at HB Home Service Team. With regular maintenance and early intervention, you can keep your well pump working optimally for many years.