With a Gold Shield Membership from HB Home Service Team, you can protect the HVAC and plumbing systems in your home while enjoying lots of great savings, perks, and benefits. Your daily life and comfort depends on your heating, cooling, and plumbing systems, and you can depend on our expert customer care coordinators and highly experienced technicians and plumbers to keep it all in great shape!

Gold Shield Memberships

Every year, we can roll back the wear and tear, clean things out, and make sure you’re well ahead of any upcoming expenses with your home comfort systems. It’s a great way to save money on utility costs and make sure you have peace of mind about the many different systems in your home that you want to be at their best. With affordable pricing and a simple annual renewal schedule, there’s no better way to stay comfortable.

Sign up, sit back, and allow our home comfort professionals to do what we do best!

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For Your Home Heating and Cooling Systems

You wouldn’t drive your car 30,000 miles without having a mechanic check the brakes and change the oil…so why would you run your air conditioner or furnace year after year without giving it the attention it deserves? With a Gold Shield Membership, you can finally stop worrying if your HVAC system is going to fall apart when you need it the most.

HVAC Inspections

Get the Comfort of Gold Shield® Protection and enjoy these great benefits!
  • Reduced energy consumption up to 20%
  • Longer equipment life
  • Reduced likelihood of emergency calls
  • Priority Scheduling on Emergency Services
  • 1-year warranty on parts/labor
  • New replacement system discounts
  • Hassle-free auto renewal
  • Yearly or monthly payment plans
  • Clean Coil Guarantee
All Gold Shield heating and cooling inspections include:
  • Safety test of all controls
  • Verification of thermostat operation
  • Monitor starting capabilities
  • Measure amp/volts on motors
  • Inspect evaporator coil (if accessible), clean as needed
  • Inspect condenser coil (if accessible), clean as needed
  • Inspect blower assembly (if accessible)
  • Lubricate moving parts (as needed)
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Test condensate drain line
  • Clean gas burner assembly (as needed)
  • Clean condensate pan (as needed)
  • Clean/replace 1″ air filter
  • Measure temp rise in heating and cooling
  • Check ductwork integrity
  • Check for signs of corrosion
  • Check draft of flue/chimney
  • Visual check for refrigerant leaks
  • Test refrigerant system
  • Replace fuel filter/pump strainer/nozzle
  • Clean/check electrodes and nozzle assembly
  • Inspect combustion chamber
  • Vacuum interior of equipment and flue pipe
  • Adjust system for proper efficiency
  • Perform combustion test to check results
  • Coil cleaning as needed

We have three great options! You can pick the one that fits your systems and household comfort needs the best, and let us handle the rest.


Our HVAC Base Gold Comfort Membership covers heating-only or cooling-only systems. It includes one annual tune-up visit and comes with a 10% discount on repairs performed on equipment covered by the agreement.

HVAC Preferred

Our HVAC Preferred Gold Comfort Membership covers combination heating and cooling systems and includes two annual tune-up visits. It also comes with a 10% discount on repairs performed on equipment covered by the agreement.

HVAC Premier

Our HVAC Premier Gold Comfort Membership comes with either one or two annual tune-up visits, and includes free parts and labor for all covered equipment and services. Our best offering with the most value!

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    Gold Shield Home Plumbing Inspections

    Much like your heating and cooling systems, your plumbing systems are essential to your daily life. From washing clothes and dishes to bathing, cooking, and more, you simply can’t do without it! That’s why allowing our plumbers to take care of it all is a great decision, and we reward our customers who prioritize their plumbing by signing up for the many benefits of a Gold Shield Plumbing Inspection. We’ll help you save water, avoid emergency plumbing problems, and ensure your plumbing fixtures and appliances are all ready for another year of clogging and problem-free use. Plus, we provide you with discounts on all plumbing repairs if you’re a Gold Shield Member!

    Plumbing Inspections

    Our Gold Shield Home Plumbing inspections include the following services:
    • Collect and test a water sample for hardness, iron and Ph.
    • Check and measure the incoming water pressure (For city water)
    • Check and measure the pressure on the well tank (For well water)
    • Visual inspection of all exposed piping and fixtures
    • Inspect for leaks and corrosion
    • Inspect all toilets for leaking valves and proper drainage
    • Inspect all sinks for leaking faucets and proper drainage
    • Perform visual inspection of an Electric or Gas Fired Water Heater
    • Visual inspection of all pressure relief tanks
    • Visual inspection of washing machine hoses and valves
    • Ensure drain and supply plumbing is working correctly
    • Ensure plumbing system is code compliant
    • Make recommendations and provide an overview of findings
    • Visual inspection of water heater