Your furnace is likely one of the most important appliances in your home, especially during the cold Maryland winters. After purchasing your furnace, you might not give it too much attention until something goes wrong. For instance, the compressor breaks, rendering the heating system inefficient. Fortunately, there are signs to help you identify a broken compressor so that you can have the issue addressed before it causes more serious issues.

Strange Sounds From the Compressor

When the heating unit is running, the compressor is usually quiet. So, if you hear unusual noises from the component, it likely has issues that need to be addressed. Some weird sounds include rattling or rumbling. They mean the mounts in the compressor motor are failing. Gradually, these parts wear and become loose, hence the noises. In extreme circumstances, the mounts may detach themselves completely, leaving you with a loose motor.

Other noises include clicking. This indicates that the electrical components of the compressor are wearing out. It could also mean that the unit is having problems starting up. A vibration sound also indicates that the system is having an issue during start-up.

If you hear any strange noises, contact your local HVAC contractor. They will inspect the entire system to identify the root cause. Depending on the problem, they may recommend compressor repair or replacement.

Diminished Airflow

Diminished airflow is one of the first signs that your compressor is broken. After turning on the heating system, the airflow may become weaker as it operates. If no air is coming out, you need to call an expert to fix the issue.

Restricted airflow has various consequences in your home. Some parts of the house will not get enough heated air, resulting in hot and cold spots. Furthermore, it may lower the overall temperatures, resulting in a freezing environment.

Additionally, the furnace’s energy efficiency can be affected. With low airflow, it has to run for an extended period, consuming more energy and increasing utility bills. Cycling for a long period also increases the system’s wear and tear. Consequently, your heating unit will experience frequent breakdowns, which require expensive repairs. If the damage is severe, you will have to replace the unit prematurely.

Your Furnace Won’t Turn On

A broken compressor may leave your heating system unable to turn on. If you experience this issue, there are a couple of other causes to rule out. Make sure your thermostat is set to the correct temperature and setting and your pilot light is on. You also want to ensure that the breaker for the furnace hasn’t been tripped.

If none of these problems are causing the issue, your compressor is the next most likely reason for a furnace that won’t turn on. Our team at HB Home Service Team can troubleshoot and fix the issue before it develops into complex problems that threaten the furnace’s life expectancy.

The Refrigerant Is Leaking

Any moisture leakage in your furnace could mean a refrigerant leak. The compressor compresses the refrigerant. Gradually, its bearings can wear out and loosen, resulting in leakage. The leaks may occur anywhere in the compressor circuit, not just around the furnace.

Leaks lower the refrigerant level, putting the component under stress. It has to overwork, which makes it overheat, causing the entire system to burn out and fail. A burnt compressor prompts expensive repairs or, worse, furnace replacement.

A refrigerant leak can also impact your family’s health. It contains chemical substances that cause respiratory complications. In addition, it causes headaches, vomiting, and nausea. Left untreated, it leads to more serious complications, like irregular heartbeat and seizures.

If you notice any moisture leaks around the furnace and suspect a refrigerant leak, reach out for professional help as soon as possible. Doing so will protect your HVAC system and your health.

Significant Increase in Energy Bill

A defective compressor does more than affect the functioning of the furnace; it also drives up your home’s energy consumption. Has the energy bill in your house risen in recent months without an apparent reason? You may be dealing with a failing compressor. If the component is faulty, it becomes inefficient. Consequently, it runs for an extended period to meet your family’s heating needs. This translates to more gas and electricity usage and hence high utility bills.

Ineffective Heating in Your Home

Is your furnace struggling to reach your temperature setting while also running long cycles with low airflow? The combination of these issues signals a failing furnace compressor. The compressor circulates the refrigerant, which releases heat as it travels through the furnace. A broken compression is unable to circulate the coolant, resulting in ineffective heating in your space. Dealing with an ineffective furnace can leave you uncomfortable and threaten your property.

Always ensure that your compressor is in good shape by scheduling regular furnace maintenance. During servicing, experts can identify issues in this component that impact its efficiency.

The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

If your furnace runs on electricity, it requires a circuit breaker. It’s an essential component that regulates current flow to prevent short-circuiting and overloads that can potentially damage your appliance. A defective compressor trips the breaker frequently.

This occurs because a broken compressor becomes hard to start. As a result, it pulls in a lot of power to overcome the pressure at its starting cycle. This puts more strain on the breaker, causing it to trip. Tripping can also be caused by other issues, like a damaged blower motor. Your motor can be damaged by seizing up. Additionally, it may result from reduced airflow. Restriction suffocates the furnace, making it overwork to attain the set temperature. As a result, it draws more power than it should, causing tripping. When left unattended, tripping can cause permanent damage to your heating system.

When you have a furnace breaker that repeatedly trips, you need to call an HVAC service technician. They will assess the unit for other causes of tripping and fix them. If it’s your compressor that’s causing the issue, they can recommend various solutions, including installing a hard start kit or a capacitor that provides adequate electrical power when starting.

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