Watch any of the online instructional videos, or home remodeling TV shows, and toilet installation seems pretty simple. Home improvement centers sell you everything you need, right? And there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hardware involved. But, even for the DIY homeowner, toilet installation can be very risky.

Ask any homeowner who’s attempted to install his own toilet and the first thing they’ll probably do is subconsciously rub their back, as they recall a project scheduled for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon that stretched well beyond the next day. Somewhere in the telling of the story, your acquaintance is likely to recall dropping a wrench down an open sewer line, dealing with less-than-plumb floors, or cracking any part of the porcelain tank or bowl.

When you call on HB Home Service Team, you know your toilet installation will be done in a professional and timely manner. Our certified plumbers bring know-how and experience to the job. For over three decades, HB Home Service Team has assisted homeowners in Randallstown and surrounding areas with toilet installation, remodeling jobs, water line repair, and so much more.

Our plumbing expertise is second to none. All of our jobs are guaranteed and we aren’t happy until the job is completed to your satisfaction. Should you have a plumbing, heating, or cooling emergency, our 24-hour hotline ensures help will be on its way.