Not many people give their hot water heater much thought. However, odds are you are highly dependent on your hot water heater, especially if you regularly take hot showers, wash the dishes, or do laundry in your home.

This generally means that your hot water heater is responsible for a large percentage of your energy costs as well. Because of this, you should consider installing a tankless hot water heater, whether you’re replacing your old hot water heater or building a new home.

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How a Tankless Water Heater Works

Traditional hot water heaters use large tanks to store water and to keep it hot using electric or gas-fueled heating elements. Once the tank is depleted, it will need to refill and reheat the water, all of which takes energy to do. A tankless water heater doesn’t use a tank (as the name implies). Instead, water is heated as it flows through it, which means that water is only heated on demand.