Although toilets are durable and typically easy to repair, every toilet in Randallstown and elsewhere will eventually reach the end of its life cycle. How do you know when your toilet’s time has come, though? Rather than guessing and spending your hard-earned money replacing a possibly perfectly good toilet, check out these tips from the pros at HB Home Service Team to help you make an informed decision.

Leaks Around the Base

The connection between your toilet’s drain to the floor drain is vital, especially since you don’t want waste-filled water leaking onto your bathroom floor. Unfortunately, even if your toilet was correctly installed, leaks around the base can sometimes occur. It’s important to let professionals like those at HB Home Service Team address these leaks before they cause major structural damage. Repairing a leak around the base of your toilet typically requires removing the toilet to diagnose the cause of the problem. While they have the toilet off the drain, they can take the opportunity to assess its condition and decide if it needs replacing. If there’s a problem with the toilet’s drain collar, a replacement will be necessary to ensure there aren’t any more leaks.

Cracks in the Porcelain

Very few toilet problems require urgent replacement, but multiple or significant cracks in the porcelain is one of those instances. A single crack won’t necessarily spell the end of your toilet right away, but it depends on how significant it is. However, the problem with a crack in porcelain is that it can quickly and unexpectedly grow and may even result in the toilet collapsing under shifting weight, and that’s not an issue you want to encounter, especially in the middle of the night. When you notice any type of cracks in the porcelain, don’t hold off calling a professional who can determine how serious the problem is.

Excess Water Use

Older toilets use much more water than newer toilets. Toilets built before 1982 could use up to an astonishing 7 gallons during each flush while the new minimum standard for toilets is around a mere 1.28 gallons. Over the course of a year, this difference adds up to thousands of gallons of water and a significant amount of money on your water bill. Therefore, if your old toilet is causing high water bills, HB Home Service Team recommends replacing it. The money you save on water bills will pay for the new toilet over time, plus the design of the new toilet will likely be more modern to help update your bathroom.

Cosmetic Deficiencies

Even if you haven’t noticed any cracks in the porcelain, there may be chips. The good news is that a chip in the porcelain typically won’t cause any functional problems. However, if your family is especially hard on the toilet and it continues to chip, the toilet’s appearance will decline. This is especially problematic if you have an updated bathroom since most of the other finishes won’t experience wear and tear like a toilet, and the chips may appear to be even more prominent in contrast. Contact our plumbing professionals so they can look at the cosmetic issue and determine a proper solution.

Repairs Outweigh Replacement

If more than one of the toilet’s components fails at the same time, it may be easier and make more financial sense to replace the toilet, especially if it has an advanced flush valve. This could seem like a drastic move, but depending on the issue, the repair cost may come close to, equal or surpass the cost of replacing the entire toilet. The pros at HB Home Service Team can help you determine what the best decision is based on the toilet’s current condition and problem(s). Should you decide to replace it, we can assist you with choosing one that best fits your needs and budget.

Poor Performance

Some initial models of high-efficiency toilets may have flaws that could make them more trouble than they’re worth. Rather than simply using less water, high-efficiency toilets depend on carefully designed drains that create increased suction to make every flush successful. The drain designs on older low-flow toilets aren’t as effective as in newer designs. Additionally, some of the critical components in any toilet can become worn-out after years of repeated use. If you’ve had your current toilet for several years, you may notice issues, like problematic flushes, that might signal it is time for a replacement. In cases like these, it’s a good idea to have HB Home Service Team assess your toilet to determine whether or not it’s time to buy a new one. After replacement, you may quickly notice a performance improvement from the older toilet.

Physical Difficulties

Sometimes, needing a new toilet has nothing to do with the toilet itself. Instead, it might have to do with changing physical needs whether it pertains to yours or another resident in the home. In general, toilets come in two heights: standard height and comfort height. Standard height toilets measure approximately 15 inches high while comfort height toilets are about 17 inches. A taller toilet usually makes it easier to get on and off the seat if you have mobility issues, and in some cases, the recommendation for changing to a comfort toilet may come from a medical professional depending on your health needs. To determine if a comfort toilet may be the right option for you, test one out to see if you feel it’s easier for you to sit down and stand up. Once you made your decision, should you decide to go with the comfort height toilet, HB Home Service Team can help get the replacement process started for you.

Renovating a Bathroom

If you recently upgraded much of your bathroom but didn’t yet change the toilet, its older, worn-out appearance may detract from the overall look of the newly revamped room if it doesn’t have the right shape and style. One great thing about modern toilets is that they come in many varieties to appeal to different likings. Considering how long a toilet can last, take your time determining which one you’re most comfortable with and which works best for your needs and style preferences. Swapping out the old toilet for a new one with a design that complements the space can be what finally completes the look you’ve been desiring for the bathroom.

At HB Home Service Team, installing and repairing toilets is just the start of what we do. Some of our additional services include installing water heaters, water softeners, and sump pumps. Additionally, we can repair wells, clean drains, maintain air conditioners and furnaces, and perform a variety of other tasks to help keep your home in good working order. With our over 100 years in the home maintenance industry, you can be sure that you’ll receive outstanding results when you choose us for your maintenance and repair needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you at your home in Randallstown or a surrounding area. For your convenience, we offer 24/7 emergency repairs. Make sure to ask if we currently offer any discounts for which you may qualify.

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