Your heating system needs clean and well-maintained furnace burners to heat your home. Over time, these burners can become damaged or rusty, which will impact your home’s temperature control. Scheduling maintenance at least once a year with your local HVAC company will ensure your burners last as long as possible. Here’s everything you need to know about caring for your furnace’s burners.

How Furnace Burners Work

When your thermostat registers the home’s temperature has fallen, it sends a signal to your gas furnace to turn on the heat. The gas valve opens and releases gas onto the burner. The burner’s flame then sends that heat up into the heat exchanger, which warms more air that can then be pushed around the home.

The furnace’s burners are a vital part of the heating process. Unfortunately, this component can easily become contaminated by dust, debris and rust. It’s best to schedule a maintenance visit in the fall before you need your furnace to ensure it will survive the coming winter.

Cleaning Furnace Burners

You shouldn’t try to clean your furnace burners by yourself. While it may seem like an easy fix to remove any visible dirt, you may actually end up causing more damage to the component. If your system is struggling to produce enough heat or isn’t turning on, the furnace could be suffering from a more serious issue.

Your heating system needs professional HVAC maintenance at least once a year. A technician checks the entire system for signs of damage, wear and tear and strain. They also clean away accumulated dust from the burner and other essential components. Only an industry expert knows how to safely remove your burners from the system so they can be efficiently cleaned and then reinstalled.

Furnace burners can suffer from issues like cracks, which are often a symptom of metal fatigue. Constantly being heated and cooled causes the metal to expand and contract. It eventually cracks and leads to safety concerns in the home. Rust spreads due to poor ventilation and a consistently high humidity level. If parts of your furnace are rusting, the metal flakes can fall and land on your burners. If the burners themselves are rusted, they may need to be replaced depending on the severity.

Clogs are another common burner issue caused by improper or inconsistent maintenance. A dirty filter lets more debris in the system that can settle on belts, burners and other components. It can be hard to identify what’s causing your furnace burner issues. Rather than attempt to troubleshoot the problem, it’s safer to call a trained professional. They have the tools, experience and certifications to get the job done right the first time.

Signs of Dirty Burners

Compromised burners can change the color of the flame. While your furnace flame should be blue, a dirty burner can change it to yellow or orange. It’s possible your burner may only produce a low flame or won’t light at all. If the gas isn’t being efficiently burned, you may notice an unpleasant odor like rotten eggs. Dirty burners often lead to louder functioning noises as well.

Prolonged burner issues will impact your furnace’s safety and ability to produce heat. The system may turn off and on frequently and never seem to fully warm the home. You may often notice cool or mild air coming from your vents. Your inconsistent temperature control issues will only worsen as the burners continue to degrade.

Now is the time to schedule maintenance with your local HVAC company. Ensure your furnace is ready to face the winter with clean and efficient burners. If you suspect your burners are dirty, compromised or broken, trust a professional technician to clean them and provide quality replacement options.

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