Don’t wait until the cold winter temperatures come rolling in to replace the furnace in your Randallstown, MD home. The best time to take care of a furnace replacement project is during the summer. Not only will summertime scheduling get you ready for the winter season before it arrives, but it can also save you a fair amount of cash. Read on to find out how.

Sidestep the High Cost of Urgent Furnace Repairs

If your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan, the likelihood of you needing furnace repairs as soon as winter starts is high. When functional problems aren’t identified and resolved during your furnace’s pre-season tune-up, you could end up paying extra money for emergency service. It’s not uncommon for aging furnaces to break down right when freezing outside temperatures kick in.

If the cumulative costs of constantly repairing an aging heater are near the cost of replacement, it’s time for an upgrade. Taking care of this essential improvement now will make life a lot easier further down the road. Rather than pouring more cash into your inefficient furnace, you will spend your money on new, more energy-efficient equipment.

Prime Your HVAC Air Ducts for Superior Performance

Contrary to what many homeowners believe, replacing a furnace isn’t as simple as pulling an old unit out and putting a new one in. The area where your heating equipment sits must often be refined to suit your new heater’s larger or smaller size. Moreover, certain HVAC ductwork modifications could be required as well. This necessary HVAC air duct repair is usually performed at the time of installation

Reputable HVAC technicians take a comprehensive approach to adding new heating equipment to homes. We ensure it works as seamlessly as possible with your existing HVAC features. If needed, you can have us clean the air ducts as well. This way, when your heater is set up and tested, it will offer superior levels of efficiency and air quality.

It’s also important to note that HVAC air ducts have lifespans comparable to those of furnaces. While the average furnace lasts about 15 years, HVAC duct systems last between 10 and 15 years. If you time both replacements accordingly, you’ll have brand new air distribution equipment that perfectly supports your air conditioner and your heater. New or newly clean HVAC air ducts will lend to a higher indoor air quality (IAQ) and reduce the workload of your heating and cooling equipment. As a result, not only will your furnace and AC last a bit longer, but your home energy bills will decrease.

Avoid the Last-Minute Rush for Service and High Seasonal Demand

One major drawback in waiting for the heating season to arrive before scheduling furnace replacement is finding yourself in line with countless other homeowners who’ve done the same. Even small and relatively unknown HVAC companies are frequently inundated with service requests at the start of the winter season. This can make it hard to get a timely appointment and get the individualized attention you deserve.

Shopping for a new furnace right when everyone else does can mean having to forgo the model that you’re most interested in. You might have to choose from a very limited range of product options. During the winter months, even suppliers that normally have very robust inventories struggle to maintain sufficiently diverse selections.

It can also affect equipment prices. During times of high demand, even low-end furnaces might be priced a bit higher. If you’re hoping to get a furnace with the best possible annual fuel efficiency utilization (AFUE) rating, you’ll have a better opportunity to find what you want at your targeted price point if you shop during the summer.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Inventory Clear-Outs

Shopping in summer is a chance to take advantage of seasonal clearance offers. Many major heating equipment suppliers use summer to offload inventory and create more space for the latest product offerings. They offer the last season’s top furnace models at deep discounts. With a finite amount of space for housing their stock, summer offers a great incentive to offload older options before the winter inventory arrives.

If you’re interested in saving money but still want a highly efficient furnace, summer is the best time to reach your goals. When we install furnaces in summer, we take advantage of seasonal discounts from our suppliers. More importantly, we pass these savings down to you.

Take the Time to Explore Your Options in Furnaces

A furnace is a major investment that will be with you for at least 10 or 15 years. It makes good sense to take plenty of time to consider your options before choosing and committing to one. You can work with our team to learn all about the benefits and drawbacks of different furnace models and brands and to consider household and building-specific requirements.

Accurate Furnace Sizing

Taking care of this project long before winter also gives us ample time to consider all of the factors affecting furnace capacity. We always use careful calculations to ensure that furnaces are neither too large nor too small for their intended service areas. However, in summer, we can also account for planned efficiency upgrades that could tighten your home’s envelope and change your heating needs. Whether you intend to put new windows in, add more insulation, or seal up gaps in building materials, we’ll factor these upgrades into our calculations and adjust our product recommendations accordingly.

Consider Furnace Alternatives

Having plenty of time to explore your options in furnaces also means having the chance to explore furnace alternatives. Your next furnace replacement might be a great time to switch to a heat pump or even to a ductless mini-split. Although a furnace has worked well for your home’s heating needs in the past, you might want to consider more efficient or more flexible alternatives.

Heat pumps save money by transferring heat rather than producing it. They don’t produce harmful exhaust gases that must be vented outdoors, so there’s no fear of exposure to carbon monoxide. Best of all, your new heat pump will function as a reliable air conditioner during summer.

Ductless mini-split heat pumps work well in homes that lack HVAC ducting or don’t have HVAC air ducts and vents in areas you regularly use. You might want to add one of these systems to your property if you have a finished basement or an attic bedroom that gets dangerously cold in winter. Ductless mini-splits offer zoned heating and cooling too. As such, family members can independently control the temperatures in their immediate areas. This leads to less energy waste and consistently lower home energy bills.

Take Advantage of Impressive, Efficiency-Related Tax Incentives

Carefully considering your options in HVAC equipment during the summer months is also a great way to take maximum advantage of tax incentives offered as part of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act. These tax incentives will cover some of your project costs for all efficiency-related HVAC upgrades made with qualifying heating or cooling equipment.

We’re committed to helping residents of Randallstown, MD save money. We offer plumbing, cooling, and heating services. We also provide carbon monoxide detectors, well pump testing, and preventative maintenance plans. If you need a new furnace, contact HB Home Service Team today to schedule an appointment.

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