As most homeowners know, a central HVAC system plays a big role in a home’s comfort level. When the time comes to install a new HVAC system, it’s no small undertaking. One of the key concerns that people have when they encounter this process is how long they can expect the HVAC installation process to take.

After all, it does involve a fair amount of disruption to both the home and its inhabitants. Here’s a bit of information about the HVAC installation process and how long your installation might take.

The Timeline of an HVAC Installation

Most HVAC installations should take approximately one to three days for a professional to complete their work in your home. That assumes, of course, that your home has existing ductwork that is adequate for supporting your new equipment. It also assumes that the location where the new equipment needs to go is easy to access and prepared for installation.

If your home’s existing HVAC is being replaced with a similarly sized unit, you’re in luck. In that scenario, there’s a good chance that the installation will get done within a single day. The technician will begin by removing your existing equipment, preparing the installation site and connecting the new equipment. As long as they don’t run into any unexpected problems, the work should be completed quickly.

The same thing goes for the installation of ductless mini-split HVAC systems. Their outdoor units tend to be slimmer and lighter compared to traditional HVAC systems. And since they rely on individual air handlers in each room of your home, the installer shouldn’t have trouble reaching the necessary areas. With a mini-split, the most challenging part of the installation is drilling holes through exterior walls to support the system’s refrigerant lines and power cables.

Of course, not every HVAC installation will go so smoothly. There are some factors that can complicate the installation of your new HVAC system. This includes the need to add to or upgrade your home’s ductwork. In such cases, the furnace installation is the least time-consuming part of the job. This is because altering ducts inside a home’s finished walls, ceilings and floors requires quite a bit of clean-up afterward.

The Larger the Home, the Harder the Install

Your home’s size plays a big role in how long an HVAC installation will take. In general, the larger your home is, the longer the installation will take. This is because larger homes need larger HVAC systems. Their size and complex nature can make them more difficult to work with. To avoid damaging your new system, the technician will need to spend more time during the installation process getting the system’s new unit into position and installing it securely. The same goes for an outdoor air conditioning unit, although there’s typically more room at that installation site, making the job easier.

Some large homes are better served by installing two smaller air conditioning or furnace systems. This installation will take longer simply because there’s twice as much work to complete. It also means considering the conditions at the individual installation locations. If both sites require significant preparations or modifications, the installation will take longer.

The Location of the Indoor HVAC Unit Matters

Another factor that can have a big impact on how long your HVAC installation will take is the location where the main HVAC unit needs to go. If the installation is going to take place in a basement or utility room with plenty of space to work, the technician shouldn’t run into any difficulties with the work. However, not every home has its HVAC installed in such an easily accessible location.

If your HVAC unit needs to go into a crawlspace, this will complicate the installation. It will be time-consuming and difficult to move the unit into position. All of the connections that the technician must complete will take longer, as well.

The same thing applies when your HVAC unit has to be installed in an attic space. In that case, the installer faces the difficult task of moving the new equipment into position, often through a small opening in your attic. They’ll also have to exercise additional care while they work since they’ll be spending time balancing on the beams above your ceiling.

How You Can Minimize Installation Time

The good news is that there are a few things that you can do to help your HVAC installer complete their work faster. Talk to them beforehand to find out which parts of your home they’ll need to access while they work. You can work to make those spaces as easy to access and unobstructed as possible.

You’ll want to remember that the installer will need to move some heavy equipment from outside your home to the indoor installation location. Clear as wide a path as possible from an exterior door to the installation site.

You should do the same for the installation site of any outdoor equipment that will be part of your HVAC system. If the installation location is beside or behind your home, you’ll want to move any outdoor furniture or other things that would obstruct the installer’s access. You’ll also want to prepare to prop open any gates or access doors that lead to the installation site.

Your HVAC installers will need to have full access to your breaker panel as part of the installation process. This will likely be in an area that is separate from where your HVAC equipment is going.

Make sure the area is clear and that the technicians know where it is located if you’re not going to be present for the install. In short, anything you can do to allow the installer to move freely around the parts of your home they need to work in a while minimizing distractions can help. The more the installer can focus on their work, the better job they’ll do and the faster they’ll do it.

Work with an Experienced HVAC Installer

One of the most important factors that determines how long your HVAC installation will take is who you choose to perform the work. The experts here at HB Home Service Team have over 15 years of experience installing all types of HVAC systems in all kinds of scenarios. There’s no installation situation they haven’t encountered before, so they won’t have to spend time figuring out how to get your HVAC installation done the right way.

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