Having a functional air conditioner is becoming increasingly essential. Many locations throughout the nation are experiencing record-breaking temperatures throughout the summer and beyond. Modern and efficient cooling equipment can protect indoor air quality (IAQ), ensure comfortable temperatures indoors, and regulate humidity. This equipment also makes homes more valuable and more appealing to potential buyers. However, taking good care of it is just as important as having it installed. That’s why we’re sharing 10 advantages of having preventative AC maintenance performed.

1. Spend Less to Use Your Air Conditioner

Dirty, ill-maintained cooling equipment works much harder to create moderate temperatures indoors than does cooling equipment that’s regularly serviced and tuned. During preventative maintenance, all components are thoroughly inspected and cleaned, and worn or damaged parts are quickly replaced. Routine care ensures that air conditioners are always working at optimum levels of efficiency. As a result, homeowners can enjoy significantly lower energy bills, even during peak times of AC use.

2. Enjoy Quiet Operation and a Fresh-Smelling Home

Few things are more frustrating on a hot day than having to choose between feeling comfortable and cool and being able to hear your television. Loud bumps, bangs, and clangs when the air conditioner is on are common signs of poor maintenance. This is especially true when it comes to the condenser unit outdoors. Heavy winds and other issues can cause small rocks, dirt, twigs, and other debris to get blown into this outside component.

Whenever the air conditioner is used, residents may be subjected to whistling, screeching, and other loud, jarring sounds. Having professionals regularly clean the condenser out will allow for far quieter operation. It can also extend the lifespan of this important component, and increase its overall effectiveness.

The same is also true indoors. Routine cleaning of the inside compressor, the air vents or air registers, and the ducts limits stress on the entire cooling system. Many modern air conditions are naturally quiet during operation. However, the more stress and accumulated buildups they sustain, the noisier they invariably become.

Having your system thoroughly cleaned and tuned up once or twice each year will make it easier to enjoy cooling comfort while watching the television, holding quiet conversations with your loved ones, and relaxing in an all-around peaceful environment. These services can also lead to fresher-smelling air by preventing moisture-related growths in the ductwork or at other areas and by improving your overall IAQ.

3. Have a Consistently High IAQ

One of the most important and straightforward parts of preventative AC maintenance is cleaning or replacing the air filter. This component is designed to capture and retain tiny particulates so that they aren’t constantly being circulated throughout the living environment. Routine filter cleanings will leave you with far less dirt, dust, dander, and other airborne debris. These efforts can also make life infinitely easier for anyone in the building with allergies, asthma, or any other chronic or progressive respiratory condition.

4. Minimize the Likelihood of Moisture-Related Issues

Although the air conditioner is largely valued for its ability to prevent excessive heat in the home, modern AC systems are great at regulating humidity. Priming this equipment to be both effective and efficient in this portion of its work can prevent condensation and mold at the windows and countless other moisture-related damages throughout the building. Humidity regulation is also key for preventing pervasive fungal growths, maintaining acceptably high IAQ, and promoting resident comfort. When humidity levels are excessively high, residents will feel hot, sweaty, and sticky even when the inside temperature is at a reasonable level.

5. Lower Your Carbon Footprint

If you’re looking for a way to significantly reduce your carbon footprint, and without having to forgo modern amenities or indoor comfort, start by having your air conditioner professionally maintained. Cooling systems that receive preventative maintenance on a regular and ongoing basis are estimated to be about 30% more efficient than those that do not. With diligent care, you can use less energy, reduce your impact on the natural environment, and enjoy a comfortable home.

6. Get More Value From Your Air Conditioner

Installing a brand new air conditioner today could give you the benefit of reliable AC functioning for as long as 15 years. This, however, is only true if you take good care of your cooling system. Homeowners who are negligent in AC maintenance often wind up needing full air conditioner replacements long before the projected lifespans of their existing systems have been reached. You’ll get far greater returns on your investment in modern cooling technologies by simply having a preventative maintenance plan in place and sticking to it.

7. Lower Your Repair Costs

One of the greatest advantages gained by timely maintenance is the ability to limit your overall repair costs. Well-maintained cooling systems require fewer repairs than do those that are constantly neglected. More importantly, preventative maintenance visits give AC technicians the opportunity to catch and correct minor issues before they cause far larger problems such as overheating, compressor failure, or condenser failure. These visits can even stave off water-related damages around and in the home by ensuring that developing or potential leaks are identified and resolved before they damage baseboards, flooring, and other building structures.

8. Keep Your AC Warranty Intact

Every warranty agreement has conditions for both parties. Manufacturers will cover the cost of repairs or replacements that result from shoddy designs, substandard components, or other production-related issues. However, they won’t honor these guarantees if system malfunctions or failures can be attributed to poor maintenance. Among the conditions that warranty holders must meet is making sure that they’re performing the basic maintenance that’s been detailed in their owner’s manuals and again in their warranties. Professional preventative maintenance creates a clear record of upkeep. It also ensures that homeowners themselves aren’t taking actions that might void these agreements outright.

9. Get Reliable Protection From Your Air Conditioner During Fire Season

When your air conditioner is working at peak levels, it will keep your home cool, filled with clean air, and at a balanced level of humidity. It can also provide the surprising benefit of keeping everyone in the building safe when wildfire smoke enters the region. Should these extreme weather events happen, a well-maintained cooling system will be able to preserve acceptable IAQ even when the outdoor air quality is dangerous. Preventative maintenance limits ongoing stress on these systems so that they’re capable of standing up to extraordinary stress during times of weather and fire advisories.

10. Limit the Risk of System Failure When Your AC Is Needed the Most

You have a far lower likelihood of experiencing a total system failure on the hottest day of the year if you’ve got a preventative maintenance plan in place. Sadly, many homeowners do not. These individuals frequently find themselves without reliable cooling when outside temperatures are downright dangerous. Worse still, given that there’s such a large number of households that neglect routine maintenance, local HVAC companies are often inundated with urgent repair requests all at once. By taking good care of your air conditioner now, you can avoid the fray by preventing serious issues.

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